Creative thinking in harmony with nature

Creative thinking in harmony with nature

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T.H.E. Beauty | RESULT OF 25 YEARS

I am Edina Tárnokiné Horváth, the dreamer, creator and lifeguard of the T.H.E Beauty brand. I have been working as a beautician for over 25 years, running my own salon. I started my studies as a chemical technician and then studied continuously in the spirit of ‘lifelong learning’.

When the time came for me to pass on my knowledge to others, I did not hesitate for a minute – already as a graduate vocational teacher – I threw myself into education. While meeting a lot of people, I was able to complete both professionally and humanly. I learned a lot from the company managers, teaching colleagues with whom I was able to work, and I received outstanding knowledge, work ethic and opportunities from a person – Krista. When our paths parted, I already knew: I wanted to work with my own products.

I soon started to develop natural cosmetic products that I can use to pamper my guests in my beauty salon to this day and now it is time for the retail products to fall into your / TI’s hands I want you to feel / feel the same joy and satisfaction when trying out the products that I felt when I developed them to the best of my knowledge.

With love and maximum professional humility:

Tárnokiné Horváth Edina

beautician master, graduate instructor, electrocosmetician, chemist technician

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